Hey All! 

So I know I am a bit late to say, hey lets start this, January 1st!, but hey, some of us are a bit behind the times and don't know about these things untile AFTER it starts (insert looking up smiley emoji here).  So I decided to streamline my guidelines and goals I have made for myself so I feel a bit more accountable for my actions.  I first read about exactly what the 'contentment challenge' was on Kat Schmoyer's Blog . She is truely an inspiration and the definition of a #girlboss. Her blog post will basically give you an idea of really what this challenge is all about. In a really teeny tiny nut shell... its a way to simplify your life and worry about the necessities in life rather than all the goodies and extras. It's meant to stop the procrastination and set and hit your goals! 

 So, here it is! Here are my guidelines and goals. Just remember, everyones goals and guidelines are different. set yours to what you feel are best for you! and hey, you don't have to start it on Jan 1... start it now... feb 1 or whenever you really want. its a step towards something that will help you save money, live simply and reach your goals!   

Month 1: Gratitude

Month 2: Generosity

Month 3: Freedom


  • No Going into target for 3 months - The only exception is for buying globes for Pretty Sugar and these will be bought ONLINE. No cute irresistible target dollar section for me! For all of the money not spent at target, I will put towards my paying off my school loans. 

  • No Business investment/ buying any extra New fancy tools- I have a plethora of items and things I can make right in my office! Use what you have! The only exception is getting a custom invitation order online or a custom mug order.

  • $16 / month stock photos + $50/ month Adobe Suite - These will be the only allowed recurring subscription. All else will be canceled and are unnecessary (with the exception of my phone. This is always a reourring payment) 

  • No New Clothing for 3 months - I normally am not one to splurge on clothing (at least anymore) So this one won’t be EXTREMELY difficult, but it still will be a challenge. Definitely not to buy new gym clothing! 

  • No new make up or shoes for 3 months - I really don’t need anything new right now. I have enough shoes for the gym, enough boots for the winter and enough eyeshadow to last me a decade. I need to use what I have! 

  • Only 2 Starbucks Coffees per week - basically the hardest one to write. I currently buy one EVERYDAY before work. This adds up! 

  • Spending Allowances for Trips - I have two trips coming up that were already planned. While the point of this challenge is to fast from unnecessary spending, there will need to be some spending to truly soak in the cultures of each place. I will be setting spending limits for food and drink, and will set a limit for any other items I buy while we're there. For example, I may want to buy something in NYC or my office, or a fun something at the Arnold., But everything will be accounted for. 


  • swap having the TV on on the background while working to listening to a podcast or audiobook. Even sometimes music. Just not TV.

  •  Read a new book each month for the entire year. Start with Girl boss since you’ve had it for a while… February - Grace Not perfection... anyone have a suggestion for each month for the rest of the year?!

  • Always use your Be productive journal each day to be.. well more productive.

  • Begin to take out 15% out of each order I get and put into savings for paying quarterly taxes.

  • take a half of an hour each night to work on new skills such as knitting, watercolor, etc.  This is your time! You need it and deserve it. 

  • Set aside all the money I am saving to pay off school loans! 

  • Start to blog at least once a month (also get your blog up and running eep!) 

I know the goal is’t is a bit long, but this doesn’t include my more "personal" goals such as, meal prepping, tracking my macros EVERYDAY, working out 6 days a week (prepping for my 3rd bikini bodybuilding season) and setting aside time each day for the bf because life is short and we can not take it for granted.  

Well friends, I hope you have a wonder ful year, now go crush those goals!